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Tata Motors scrip carry off 52% profit – Long Term, a likely target

The Tata Motors shares have seen a lot of fluctuations amid the new prevailing trends. The rumors about possible partnership with Tesla along with other price hikes are too responsible for this volatility.

A sharp gain has been witnessed in the stock currently. More profit booking is expected for the scrip.

Recently the stocks of Tata Motors gained 52 percent in the January session against its previous gain of 13 percent on BSE.

Also, coming to the Sensex, it has only gained around 1.25 percent for this session. However, the stock is still trading only at a half or marginal level as compared to its peak levels.

Investors having a long-term vision should remain patient according to this situation. Moreover, profit booking is possible in the near future.

This is happening with a sudden sharp rise in the stock to 52 percent, now traders are hoping for taking the money off the table.

On the contrary, the company has come up with many new things, like the i-Turbo Petrol variant at a price increment of Rs 60,000. This price is above the current petrol variants of the model.

Many analysts believe that the automobile sector is regaining its power and will soon boost up in the near future.

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