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Tata Communications confirms it’s partnership deal with Google Cloud, India

Tata Communications on Tuesday announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud to drive cloud adoption in India.

With this partnership, the company has further augmented its managed public cloud services portfolio to include capabilities for Google Cloud.

The mission is to enable organizations to deploy and have access to Google Cloud services via Tata Communications’ IZO Managed Cloud platform.

Further, end to end services will also be provided which includes cloud architecture planning, workload migration and ongoing operational support.

Moreover, this will authorize Tata Communications to support organisations with services across infrastructure modernisation and data centre transformation.

The services also include application modernisation, smart analytics and multi-cloud deployments, among others.

In fact, the company’s IZO Cloud Command portal aids in the integration process of different enterprise IT environments into a single dashboard.

This enables it to simplify management of the IT estate.

Besides this, a unified cloud experience is also offered along with a comprehensive view of IT resource utilisation across on-premise and private Google Cloud.

As a result of organizations drifting towards Google Cloud, a partner is required to support them across their entire IT ecosystem.

It will in turn deliver a unified cloud management platform that offers greater transparency, control and security of their data and applications.

However, Tata Communications’ cloud capabilities are reportedly rooted by 14 cloud nodes along with its tier-1 network.

As per the company, this carries around 30 per cent of the world’s Internet routes so far.

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