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Sun Pharma – Investors confused what to do after September results

On November 4th Sun Pharma stock price jumped to a massive of 4 per cent in the morning hours.

70.4 per cent year-on-year growth has been marked by this company.

Rs 1,813 crore is the profit at present and at this time last year the profit was Rs 1,064 crore.

Let’s see what the brokerages have to say:

1. Morgan Stanley: it is that time when the company will only show margins and profit and it has a very strong company name as well.
2. Nomura: the firm also did not believe of such a good quarter earnings and there were positive things which happened like ramp-up in sales of key speciality products.

3. Credit Sussie: Rs 420 per share is the target share and there are some high speciality drugs which will company’s profit more strong.

Ilumya will face high competition from three new drugs next year. there will be a good raise in the budgeting volumes of Ilumya or Cequa.

4. CLSA: Rs 710 per share is the target share and the company saw a good recovery which resulted in these good profit figures and earnings.

Sales of Ilymuya, Cequa & Odomzo back at pre-COVID levels.

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