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Story of Exam Toppers and Coaching Institutes – A Report

In October the results of NEET were declared and a guy named Soyeb Aftab from Odisha topped in the exam.

The people who topped usually get very famous and their pictures are all over the social media.

Aftab participated in classes offered ALLEN Career Institute in Kota, Rajasthan.

All the big coaching institutes have very well reputed teachers who themselves have cracked big exams.

For engineering many famous institutes like Bansal classes, ALLEN are there.

After the results were announced every big coaching industry started to contact me and my family, Kumar said.

He was shocked as then he realised that the coaching institutes wanted to make me a part of the publicity material to attract students.

The competition in between the coaching institutes has increased so much.

Many times a student also end up taking small one-to-three-month courses from multiple coaching institutes to improve their chances at JEE/NEET.

There is no regulation that prevents coaching institutes from using an individual’s name in ads.

If a student who is in the ad has a problem then the coaching institutes can be in trouble otherwise not.

And certainly nobody has the time to file a case or report a case for it.

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