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Stocks in news with can Perform in near Future

Festivals everywhere helped the market economic condition to a extent to get better.

There are 20 stocks which can come back stronger by Samvat 2077-end:

Let’s see at some of them:

1. Ashok Leyland: This particular sector is will gain momentum when the government spending on infrastructure, mining and pick-up in economic activity.

The company now focuses on increasing its revenue share from LCVs, spares, exports and defence.

2. Bharti Airtel: the sector will benefit when the digital services will increase which will happen in the coming years.

the company can also continue to gain market share in the mobile services business.

3. ICICI bank: one of the most affected sector because of covid 19 is the banking sector as a whole.

Slowly and gradually they are gaining momentum and getting back with good numbers but again a long way to go.

This is one of the largest bank and with one strong brand name and so many loyal customers which gives an extra added advantage to it.

4. Cipla: Cipla is basically a leader in respiratory therapies in India with a market share of 25.7 per cent.

There are some important features to look out for Cipla which are covid-19 drugs, Advair Diskus, etc.

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