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Steps taken by Government related to Prices of Onion – A Report

On Wednesday, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said there are already people suffering because of this pandemic.

Due to the increasing prices of onion in the Indian market, the government will take some steps which will help benefit the consumers.

The first step is to provide one lakh tonnes of the buffer stock of the key kitchen staple.

This is one of the rising issues as people can’t afford it then and already people are suffering through a lot right now.

The minister also said that they have banned all the exports related to onion from the country.

Tomar also said the oppositions are showing their real faces and what they are doing is purely double standards.

He said this referring to the farm laws which were enacted by the government.

He also said that in 2019 there were many things which they wanted to do like make trade free of regulations and encourage inter-state trade and end the Essential Commodities Act, give encouragement to contract farming.

But he failed to do it because of the pressure receiving from everywhere.

The BJP-led government framed new laws for agriculture sector.

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