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State Bank of India: Good enough for Safe Deposits?

State Bank Of India one of the most trusted bank in India and the most reliable one also.

The state bank of India one of the largest banks which also provides safe lockers facility.

The most important thing is we all are worried that our jewellery and money should be safe somewhere that we can only access to them.

Mostly everyone prefers to keep the important things like money, gold and other important documents in the lockers.

The charges may vary of the lockers as they are available in different sizes comparing to your need.

They are available in small, medium and in large and extra-large sizes.

The charges are also based on the specific branch.

Rental charges are placed on the lockers in state bank of India from 31st March.

The person who is allocated a particular locker at least should open it once a year otherwise the reserve bank of India [RBI] will send a notice to the consumer to either open it or surrender the locker.

There are also charges for visiting the locker as in for the first 12 times it is free.

Then after that there is a particular amount of charge which needs to paid by the customer.

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