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Soybean Sector in trouble as never before – Says Davish Jain

The hub of soybean sector in Madhya Pradesh has suffered a severe damage this year so the production this year will be not that much as compared to the last few years.

The crop has affected in some parts of Maharashtra too but not that much.

Davish Jain, Chairman, The Soybean Processors Association of India said: “This all happened because of severe rains in September and then pest attacks on crops.”

he further added that mostly all the parts of Madhya Pradesh have gone through the same like Indore, Ujjain etc.

there was an estimate for the production of soybean but due to these situations, it will not reach the target.

Solvent Extractors Association (SEA) official. said there are chances that production could be little more than last year.

Global market is very much in support that is why the prices are the same and not decreasing.

One more thing which causes trouble is the third-largest global producers basically the farmers in Argentina are showing no signs of interest to sell.

The soybean sector has gone through a lot and they are trying to amends with the whole situation and will come out with the best possible situation.

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