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Software Applications to be launched for five All India surveys to generate employment

With five all India surveys being conducted by Labour Bureau in Chandigarh on Thursday, Labour and Employment Minister is set to launch software applications.

Further, he will also reportedly release instructions manual with questionnaire on February 18 on account of the survey.

Labour bureau will undertake five surveys which are the following:

  • All India Survey on Migrant workers
  • All India Survey on Employment Generated by Professionals
  • (DW) All India Survey on Domestic Workers
  • All India Survey on Employment Generated in Transport Sector
  • All-India Quarterly Establishment- based Employment Survey

The aim of the survey with respect to migrant workers is to estimate the number of migrant workers in India to collect information on their living, working etc.

Moreover, the aim of the survey on domestic workers is to estimate the proportion of DW in the workforce of major states and their percentage distribution.

Further, it’s objective on employee generated by professionals is to determine the total number of active professionals to capture the employment generated.

However, All-India Quarterly Establishment- based Employment Survey intents to measure relative change in employment scenario.

This is to be conducted over successive quarters in sizeable segment of non-farm economy covering eight important sectors of the Indian economy.

The importance of these surveys lies on their usage of information technology to report and address employment generation.

Also, the results of the surveys are estimated to be declared within a span of 7 to 8 months according to the Ministry.

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