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Small and Medium Size Companies will grow in this Festive Season

The small companies are going to make good profits and they will come as an outperformer for the upcoming festive months.

There was a pretty good raise in the month of September and October.

Profits were also seen by nifty bank in months of August and September.

Volatility is likely to be more as we reaching the end of October and US elections are round the corner.

Right now nifty is close to its maturity as it’s already in the triangular pattern on the chart.

Trading ideas for upcoming weeks:

Maruti Suzuki: 

The stock saw some good corrections over in the last couple of months and saw a profit and good high volumes in relation to price.

Dabur India:

It is coming close to a medium working channel. there was a decrease recently saw but they are trying again to be in profit and advantage.

Asian paint:

It is on an upward slope. the short term and the medium-term indicators are hopeful for this particular time.

In this particular point in time, the market is expecting that small and medium companies should gain more profit.

There is a high chance for them after so many months because all the festivals are around the corner.

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