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Shopping Online for Household Items – Is it a Good Idea?

The year 2020 has changed many things for everyone like grocery shopping.

Because of this pandemic, mostly everyone has changed to online grocery shopping.

This change is very significant in the markets of India as before covid there was not much to do with online grocery.

But because of covid 90 per cent of the people has shifted to online and this change is good.

In 2015 one of the biggest and the largest online grocers has to pull out from many cities because nobody was buying online and it was the company’s loss.

We have come a long way and many online stores like Grofers, big basket are very much in profit.

After the launch of jio mart things are easier for customers as orders can be given on WhatsApp also.

The four points must-have for good online grocers.

1. It is very difficult to supply fresh products daily and less than 5 per cent in any online grocery shop id from the fresh products.

2. A technology to solve micro problems of efficient picking, article sorting, and wastage reduction.

3. Supply chains

4. Brand partnerships and brand creation.

We have to see all the factors to make this sector more strong.

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