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Shopify gaining its momentum since Covid-19

Because of covid, many businesses have gone online to maintain social distancing.

Many players like Shopify generate massive business during the months of the pandemic.

From 2014 Shopify is there in India and there has been a profit double in first half of 2020.

The company is seeing rapid growth of many high street retail brands into the online space.

Because of eCommerce platforms like Shopify who power most of these brands’ online presence.

It is basically a platform helps create online businesses.

During the months of the lockdown in India, when many businesses were shut, there were multiple businesses to move online.

last three years Shopify has been pushing its global presence and since then the markets outside North America have shown very promising growth.

Not only in India but globally also September is the time in which most of the profit happens.

The business was startup beyond the metro cities as well across tier two and three locations.

Overall the small business segment in India which had stuttered because of COVID-19 has found a new lifeline online.

players like Shopify are seeing massive business opportunities everywhere which is very positive.

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