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September Quarter a good thing for India – A Report

Results were announced by the Bombay stock exchange of the September quarter earnings so far.

In the results we saw 500 companies showed a great sign of recovery comparing to their last quarter which was the June quarter.

In June the economic condition of India was bad because of the lockdown and whole corona situation.

There was no flow of money as people were not spending on anything and they were sitting in their houses.

Out of the 500 companies list of Bombay stock exchange, 120 companies have given out their results.

Banking and financial companies have been excluded from these companies.

The sales growth shows signs of recovery and the operating profit growth saw a good positive sign comparing it to the last quarter.

Because in this quarter there has been a decent flow of money and slowly and gradually things are getting back to normal.

Because this is how things are going to be for the next couple of years and this is the new normal.

In the near future there will be more progress and profits will be improved.

Economic activity dropped significantly in the April-June quarter amid a nationwide lockdown to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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