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Sensex climbed up at 50,000! Lets have all the facts straight

The Indian market peaked at 15 percent in the last fiscal year 2020 and currently is under control of the bulls.

A very positive result has come up with S&P and BSE Sensex climbing up at 50,000. Apart from this, Nifty also outperformed very well and made a new record.

For the very first time Nifty made a high record of hitting above the benchmark of 14,600. It is the first time in decades or moreover in the history that Nifty has crossed this benchmark.

Meanwhile, the market capitalization also surpassed Rs 197.70 lakh crores on January 20, 2021. The market momentum is currently in favor of the Indian market showing tremendous results.

Indian Market Capitalization has exceeded the benchmark of USD 2.7 trillion at Rs 73.30 per dollar.

This miracle has happened for the very first time reflecting a positive volatility in the market momentum.

The global liquidity is also near by Rs 20,000 crore as per the records on January 20, 2021.

With such positive outcomes there are high expectations regarding good and fruitful policies with Union Budget 2021 as well.

Also, a point to ponder is based on fresh forecasts regarding Q3 results, there are lot of pre assumptions or overvaluing going on.

Along with this, the stock specific activities are expected to be continued regardless of the volatile situation.

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