Rise in retail inflation for agriculture & rural laborers

The retail inflation or CPI-based inflation increased in the month of February as compared to its preceding month. It rose to 2.67% from 2.17% and 2.76% from 2.35% respectively.

In February CPI for Agricultural Labourers and Rural Labourers was at 1.55 per cent and 1.85 per cent respectively.

The All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers went down by 1 point for which is 1037 and 1044 points in January.

CPI is an indicator of measuring inflation of retail prices goods and services. It is a tool used by RBI to scrutinize price stability in the economy.

Basically, it points out the increase or decrease in the prices for the customers regarding their day-to-day expenses.

There was a decline in the general index of AL and RL as a result of a reduction in the prices of wheat, cauliflower, potato, and jaggery.

For Agricultural Labourers the record reflects 10 states experienced a downfall of 1 to 20 points. In contrast, the increase of 1-11 points increase in 8 states. 2 states showed no change in the index.

On the other hand, Rural Labourers record shows a decline of 1 to 19 points in 10 States. Further, there was an increase to 1 to 11 points in 9 states. There was no change in the index of one state that is Orissa.

West Bengal has the least point of CPI for AL and RL which is -20 and -19 points correspondingly. The prices of green chillies, fruits, and vegetables, wheat flour, etc declined. Hence, the CPI of the state reflected the negative index.

A rise in the prices of fish, rice, vegetables, etc boosted the CPI for AL and RL in Kerala. As a result, it received more than 11 points and became the state with maximum points.

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