Rise in Nifty and Sensex regardless covid-19 spread

The market regain performs well as compared to the last session indicating investors about the bull market.

Also, the dollar grew highest in the year on March 30 with an increase in the treasury yields.

According to the experts, the volatility will continue to remain in the market due to the covid-19 spread. There might be a probability of lockdown implementation in some states, this also concerns affects the market.

The certainty of a market correction is unlikely in the current time.

The ease in the market performance is due to the decline in the FII selling.  In addition, the report indicates the fall in the selling of FII and buying of DII can support the market.

The investors and buyers of DII will certainly target banking, IT, metal stocks, etc.

Also, the report indicates that the global equity market is not likely to underperform in the short-run. The underlying factors include improvement in the economic activities and wide availability of vaccinations.

Furthermore, the betterment in the market also includes the new investors entering the market. At the beginning of the year 2021 approximately 20 lakh new investors set foot into the stock market.

Currently, the investors are giving significant importance to small and mid-cap stocks.

The experts also mentioned the improvement of corporate earnings and investors’ attitudes towards the market.

Additionally, the experts believe that the investment in Indian equity will increase through FDI and foreign portfolio investment. Consequently, this will flow into the mid-size company.

Hence, it can be concluded that the market is contrary to the expecting a fall in the short-run.

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