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Reopening of Colleges during Covid-19 Situation – How?

The colleges will have to individually take the permission of {UGC} University Grants Commission.

Before reopening, the authorities will check the number of COVID-19 cases around the of the university.

Check whether the college/university itself was part of a containment zone.

If a particular state gives the permission then also it will be based on the number of cases.

Whether a college can itself decide to reopen if the state does not permit on this the there is no clarity.

Before a university open the department will have to give the list of the number of students in total.

The authorities will also ascertain the medical reports of the faculty, and may seek COVID-19 negative reports.

The rules should be the same for every college otherwise there will be a lot of confusion.

UGC has said that there will have to be floor markings within the premises of an institute to maintain the six-feet distance between students, faculty and other staff at all times.

Students who had contracted COVID-19 in the last 20-25 days, or has family members affected with COVID-19 in their households, may not be permitted to attend classes in the first phase.

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