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Rajasthan surpasses Mumbai & Delhi – Petrol at Rs 101.80 per litre

The day by day increase in the fuel prices was something common in between Delhi and Mumbai only. Moreover, this trend has knocked the door in Rajasthan as well.

The prices of petrol are above Rs 93 in the Land of Kings. However, the diesel is also in the competition with prices exceeding Rs 85 per litre.

Cost of premium petrol has outstretched to Rs 101.80 per litre in Rajasthan. This is a total hike by Rs 38 paise in Sri Ganganagar.

However, the price hike was earlier at around Rs 28 paise in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, but this has even crossed the highest limit so far.

Petrol prices have soared to Rs 93.86 per litre in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur. Moreover, the prices of diesel have also increased to Rs 85.94 per litre in the pink city.

Further, this tremendous hike was not only limited to Sri Ganganagar. The prices for both petrol and diesel are above Rs 93 and Rs 85 respectively in all over Rajasthan.

However, the petrol and diesel prices across the country are market-determined. They are inclined with a uniform central excise duty tax, but still their prices vary because of VAT (value-added tax).

VAT on petrol prices was above 38 percent and on diesel the VAT was at 28 percent as per the information by the Rajasthan Government.

The VAT range is more than the other neighboring states which is around 20-33% on petrol and 16-23% on diesel.

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