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Center Farm Laws – Rajasthan Government to raise issues in Assembly

A Congress leader said

“In the state assembly which will gonna happen on October 31 the Rajasthan government will bring the issue and a bill against the center farm laws”.

KC Venugopal on Sunday tweeted that

After the bills were passed in Punjab, the Rajasthan government will also take the permission to pass the bills for “anti-farm provisions.”

The rights of the farmers should be protected in every way possible.

Recently the Punjab government passed four bills against the farm laws.

First the assembly was going to happen on 24th October but due to some reasons it shifted to 31st October.

The BJP also said that farmers are suffering and bearing heavy losses.

The congress government is not doing anything for the laws which are enacted by the centre.

BJP spokesperson said

” This issue will be discussed in the assembly as this is an issue to be solved otherwise there will be a very big problem in the future.”

He also said

“That the government is going to bring a bill in which will state that there will be 3 years of jail for all the farmers who buy crops below the minimum support price. [MSP]”.

This is not practically possible as everybody knows only a few farmers buy crops above MSP.

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