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What Prices of Gold remain Uncertain – A Report

On October 28th Gold Prices in India were not that good but it was a bit in the international markets as the elections are around the corner.

Also the dollar gained some strength because of the elections.

The economic relief of COVID will most likely be there after elections which is after 3rd November trump said.

The number of covid cases are increasing everywhere which resulted in saving gold in the markets.

France is all ready for yet another lockdown because the daily cases are increasing too much which is causing a tension for the country.

The number of cases is increasing US and Europe as well which is the thing people are worried about.

The president of France said there will be new rules for the fresh lockdown which is going to happen to help the stop of coronavirus.

Let’s see some trading strategies:

Ravindra Rao, VP- Head Commodity Research at Kotak Securities

There are so many factors which make the prices of gold uncertain as number of covid cases, rise in Chinese imports, mixed economic data from other countries.

Everything seems so uncertain and uneven because there are many factors which the country has to see before doing something.

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