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Power Demand in India to reach all time high of 185.82 GW

The power demand in India although started declining in the pre-COVID period. All the economic activities were interrupted because of the global pandemic.

This economic interruption had a huge impact on the power sector as well. The demand for electricity however regained from September 2020 although.

The highest demand for power reached at 1.7 percent in September that rose finally at 7.3 percent till November 2020.

The global pandemic affected the power sector for five months straight from April to August in the financial year 2020.

A negative growth from the month of April to august was seen in the sector last year.

According to the data charts 170.97 GW was recorded as the highest supply in a day during January 2020. This data is provided by the Power Ministry of India.

Also, combined power demand in India touched 182.89 GW on December 2020.

This power demand still continues to rise and is setting new record heights day by day.

Data shows increased commercial and industrial demands day by day due to the adverse effects made by the global pandemic COVID-19.

This series continues till the date with power demand touching the height of 185.82 gigawatts  on Wednesday morning as reported by Power Secretary

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