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PM Moti to Announce new measures on Infra, Hospitality & Tourism

Narendra Modi is planning to work on some measures which will be announced at the time of Diwali.

The measures on the topics like infrastructure on urban projects and something for the sectors in hospitality and tourism.

The main focus for the projects will be tier 1 tier 4 cities so that money could be generated easily.

There are many measures which are taken by the government like –

After the whole covid situation as every sector is affected so badly in each and every way.

That is why the government is bringing so many measures to normal the whole situation as soon as possible.

The most badly affected sectors needs special attention which is:

Mainly tourism and hospitality because of this lockdown and pandemic they are very badly affected.

Once all this will be finished the centre is planning to extend the PLI scheme for electronics, medicines, textile units, food processing plants, etc.

The main motto of the government right now is those sectors badly affected by COVID-19 should be treated first and then the other sectors.

Except this, there will be more official announcements soon which government will do it with time.

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