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PM Modi’s 3 Projects which will turn the lives of Daily Wage Workers

Covid has changed people lives in many ways especially all the people who use to work on the wage system and daily basis of work.

As if the government does not do anything good then the country will be in a more bad situation which nobody wants.

But prime minister Narendra Modi came up with the solution as always.

There is a talk of starting three projects in Gujarat for different sectors which are affected the most in these tough times.

The sectors will be healthcare, tourism and farmers welfare.

Modi started a project called  ‘Kisan Suryodaya Yojana’ for the farmers so that there will no problems for electricity for the farmers.

Introduced medical research in Ahmedabad with an investment of almost 400 crores for health and welfare departments.

Also introduced a long ropeway project and it will be the longest ropeway in Asia.

When Narendra Modi addressed the nation:  said the ropeway could have made a long way back and tourists could have used it by now and showed the anger to the opposition.

He also said that as a country we should feel bad because if this kind of projects gets delayed it will be a great loss to the country and the people.

Added that now farmers will get electricity even during the day time as well

So now farmers should focus more on saving water.

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