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Placement time for Engineering & Management Students

This is that time when placements will take place engineering and management institutes across India and maybe there will be some good and positive news.

The interviews will go online and no big company is taking a back step for the placements.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak and nationwide lockdown in March 2020, the employment market is not that good.

Because of COVID, almost 10 million jobs have been lost.

Worst is over at campuses and that the hiring season will see good job offers. the placement officials said in an interview.

Financial services and IT sector, which hire in large numbers are looking forward to the placements this year.

IT companies, including the top 10 firms, will visit large campuses for the placement process.

The process will be like each student will get three companies and then the particular person can decide for which company they want to give an interview.

The expectation is that the total number of job offers will lower by 10-12 per cent this year because of COVID.

IIMs and mid-size management institutes, however, are exercising caution when it comes to startups.

The companies will be checked upon before inviting to the campus.

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