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Paytm Fastag Payments – The Company making it Big

Paytm one of the most successful startups have come up with something new which will be so beneficial for the consumers.

First let’s see what a Fastag is:

It is run by the National Payments Corporation of India in partnership with Indian Highways Management Company.

In which it basically means it is an automatic toll collection process.

As per the latest news which we have almost 27 banks have issued more than 1,9 crore tags and these numbers are so big which clearly shows the importance of fastag.

According to September, almost 110 million payments have been done.

The company said that almost 200 tolls have been with the fastag system.

The country has recorded more than 5 million transactions.

The company is with the aim of adding more 100 tolls with the fastag system in the next 3 months so the profit will be 100 per cent and the growth also.

Paytm Fastag allows consumers to use their Paytm app for all Fastag payments.

The money gets deducted from the Paytm wallet automatically .

The same wallet can be used for all other commercial activities on Paytm.

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