Oravax proclaims the produce of oral COVID-19 vaccine

Oravax made an announcement about the single-dose oral vaccine for COVID- 19. The vaccine is different from the other similar vaccines in terms of its contents. It constitutes three structural proteins of SARS-CoV2. On the other hand, similar variant vaccines include Spike (S) protein.

According to the company, the vaccine is better than the other stating its effect on the virus. The virus undergoes many changes in its genetic structure when it replicates. Thus, the constituents of the vaccine have the potential to protect against the spread and mutation of the virus.

Moreover, the vaccine is an oral dose that will assist in easy and wide distribution of the vaccine. This will also eliminate the use of injections in the vaccination process.

The company since many years is working on developing an oral formula for human insulin. Oral vaccines are not uncommon; polio vaccination is in the oral dose.

Additionally, the company is planning to initiate a clinical study anytime from April to June.

Oravax started in the year 2021 formed by Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc with Premas Biotech. They focused primarily on developing the oral vaccine for the COVID 19 in the market.

They aim at providing oral vaccines with the intent of reducing the bio-hazardous waste problem, accessibility to a wide population. It also cut out the cost of training, transport, and storage.

The co-founder and managing director of the Premas Biotech Prabuddha Kundu stated that it is effective and efficient. In a month or so they will make the reports public.

In fact, the test on animals resulted in the production of antibodies in the animal which is protecting against viral infection.

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