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Next Term will be difficult yet got to be Positive – Says Exide Life CIO

Shyamsunder Bhat, CIO, Exide Life Insurance. said in the coming term things are going to be a little difficult but everyone just has to be positive about it and move on.

The assumptions of the June quarter was very good because everyone was expecting it to be not that good because of the whole lockdown thing.

In the coming weeks,  the results are going to be out for the September quarter and they are hoping the results should be good compared to the June quarter.

There are so many things happening in the world like US elections, coronavirus cases, so it going to be difficult in the next term.

The factors which affect asset location are expectation of return, age of investor, etc.

Well all these trends are going from long time but now the concern is will they be going the same way in the near future as well.

Lower interests in one thing that could a positive help in the next 5 years.

There are some problems because of which US can face problems in the next term like: healthcare, trade policy, problems related to tax, etc.

There are so many more reasons but the abovementioned reasons are the reasons which affect the society in general.

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