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New Incentive Schemes are coming for various Sectors – Top Government Official

A top government official said :

On Friday that to gain domestic manufacturing government is trying to get new incentives for various sectors.

He also said efforts to attract new investments in its coronavirus-stricken economy.

In these difficult times of covid people need some kind of motivation and good money to work harder in their respective sectors.

Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman of NITI Aayog, said:

If this will be a successful thing then the cabinet and the people inside will consider more incentives for more sectors.

He clearly didn’t say which sectors which be getting these benefits and incentives.

However, the government earlier made an announcement in which incentives will be received by the large sectors.

The sectors like large-scale electronic goods makers, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices.

These sectors because when they get more incentives they will be more motivated to work better and normal the economy in these difficult times.

If these incentives are successful in these respective sectors then only the cabinet will decide for more sectors.

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