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More than 20 stocks outperformed from Top 5 PMS schemes

It is very interesting to know that how the limelight has suddenly come down at underperforming Small and Midcap industries.

This sector has been underperforming for two years straight in a row and if we look at the PMS schemes, it has outperformed the index.

The market was however under full control of the bulls in December 2020. The benchmark indexes gained about 7 percent each during the month of December. Around 15 percent gain was witnessed in the year 2020.

However, the small and midcap indexes didn’t stay back and joined the rally. This sector beautifully outperformed rising near 20% each during the same time.

This sector was under the limelight for its underperformance for two consecutive years and on the same time it broke all the barriers.

It is important to note that even the PMS schemes which have outperformed was majorly from the broader market.

The PMS or Portfolio Management Services cater to very rich investors who have portfolio sizes greater than Rs 50 lakh.

Many stocks have outperformed from the small and midcap industries, to name a few Greenpanel Industries, Intellect Design Arena, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finance etc. These stocks were under smallcap category.

In the category of multicap industries the HCL Technologies, Mphasis, Cipla, and Bayer Cropsciences, etc. have outperformed under the PMS schemes.

The other PMS schemes included TCG Advisor’s Multicap fund, Stallion Asset Core portfolio and Concept Investwell Pvt Ltd.

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