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More Power to Agriculture Sector with New Farm Laws – Says PM Modi

On Saturday, Narendra Modi said there will more initiatives for the agriculture sector so that it grows more and more.

This step is taken because of the new farm laws from the opposition.

He is also looking for a way out where the income of the farmers could be increased and the production costs also reduces.

The main purpose of making these changes in the agriculture sector so that farmers don’t face any trouble in general.

There are continuously steps taken for the same as farmers have the right to sell in whichever part of the country they wish too etc.

Te also introduced Kisan Suryoday Yojana (KSY) for the farmers so that they do not have a problem for electricity.

The Kisan Yojana after few years will provide electricity for the full day and will also help farmers, panchayats to set up small solar plants.

Now the farmers have to stay focused on saving more and more water.

This is all done for the farmers because they have already lost so much because of this pandemic and they want to earn something now because its been months since they are like this.

And also adding to that Modi also announced an app for telecardiology at the civil hospital in Ahmedabad.

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