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Markets Today – 7 important things you need to know

On November 9th, the Indian stock market is in a good position because nifty is opening in India with 161 points.

1. US markets: on Friday the stocks were unchanged because of the whole election process and on the other hand the monthly jobs were still facing the problems of the economy.

2. Asian Markets: on Monday, there was a good start for US markets as there was a jump of 0.6 per cent.

3. Nifty: India opened with 161 points gain today which showed a good and positive sign.

4. Joe Biden becomes the 46th US President:

Joe Biden won the US election after the state of Pennsylvania was called in his favour.

With him Kamla harris, becomes the first female to be the vice-president of the United States.

5. Oil prices:

on Monday, the oil prices increased by almost 2 per cent after Joe Biden won the U.S. presidency.

6. India’s domestic passenger traffic over half of pre-COVID levels:

in November over 2 lakhs India’s domestic passenger traffic has reached more than half of pre-COVID levels with a number of daily air travellers.

7. Results on November 9:

Today almost 253 companies declared their company results in which some of them were Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company, ADF Foods, etc.

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