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Market Boost after successful Final Stage Trail of Covid-19 Vaccine

On Monday, the investors were a little bit confident about the economic recovery of the country.

As there was the first positive data from a late-stage COVID-19 vaccine trial.

Oil prices completely gone down because of lockdowns and restrictions in Europe and the United States.

On Saturday Joe Biden won the presidential elections was also a sign that investors were already been counting on by the end of last week.

Everybody is now a little boost up after hearing the news of vaccine.

Sectors such as travel, energy and financial were the worst affected by the pandemic and now from past weeks they are the biggest gainers.

The market’s looking into the future, to the first and second quarter of next year.

Almost 11 major sectors gained and are in good shape because people are now very much comfortable with the whole situation of covid whether vaccine comes or not.

Stocks around the world had already been gaining ground before the vaccine.

The companies hit hardest by months of travel bans and lockdowns surged.

Some of the companies are Cruise line operator Carnival Corp was up more than 32%, planemaker Boeing Co jumped 15%, etc.

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