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Many New Start Ups will see light by March 2021

These days startups have their own advantages like people can invest a little amount of money and they hit it big.

it’s just that people need to be patient and they will see good and encouraging results and it will encourage them more to work harder on the startup.

A company named stride ventures is planning to open many new startups till next year.

Crores and crores of rupees are being sanctioned to open almost 10 startups in various sectors like cosmetics, healthcare etc.

There will be a proper way to find out which companies will be included in the process.

Already 9-10 companies are announced and rest the companies will the resume till the end of this year because March 2021 is the time when the entire thing will come into the process.

Basically there main areas of startups are education, healthcare, cosmetics, etc.

Debt funding is not at all famous India mostly people don’t know about it and people know about it then they don’t know the procedure but in foreign it is commonly used.

From the last 5 years over $500 Million in debt has been used in almost 200 plus deals and only around 80 deals were in 2019.

If we see some of the big deals which happened over the years they are big basket and Lendingkart in 2019.

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