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Maize Prices has gone up as demand from Poultry Sector has Increased

The prices of maize in India has increased on an average by Rs 200 because of the demands from the poultry sector the decision was made weeks ago.

As such there are no restrictions now from the government in relation to covid-19 pandemic so everything is simply taking back its shape.

More consumption of maize is in the south and maize is being sold in markets.

Everybody expects that the sale should be good and it should not be ruined at any cost.

Rs 1,400 a quintal is the price for most of the country whereas 1,600 a quintal in the agriculture sector.

The prices are not that much in the north side right now because of the high moisture.

The industry is expecting that the sale this year should be more as compared to the last year.

Supply of maize is good this year and the crops in Tamil Nady will be arriving soon.

Normally, maize import attracts 50 per cent duty besides five per cent Integrated Goods and Services Tax.

70 per cent of maize production comes from the areas of rains.

The maize prices are lower this year so the poultry sector is thinking of raising the prices of soybean this year.

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