Insurance oil & gas sectors and realty perform well in March

The most participation of foreign portfolio investors observed in insurance oil & gas sectors and real estate.

On the other hand, the IT, pharma, and metal observed fund outflow in the last month.

The investment from foreign investors continues to flow last months of 2021. However, the flows regulated with rising cases of the virus cases.

The investment made in the Indian equities made a total of $1.43bn in March 2021.

The recent impositions of lockdown led to downward flow as compared to the past five-month average.

As per the reports, a significant flow observed in the real estate sector.

The records show that the money collected amounts to $442 million excluding the last month.

The money pulled out a total of $55 million.

Additionally, the insurance sector attained $496 million from FPI. Also, in oil and gas, the total money deployed $1.9 billion thus holds 11.2 percent hold in the sector.

The increase in real estate is a consequence of declined interest rates and slashed stamp duty.

Though, the sector went a bit down with a rise in the covid-19 cases.

Further, the increased funds in the insurance sector occurred with a hike in the limit of 74 percent.

Also, FPI in real estate surged after relief provided by the government on the tax.

The moderation in the covid-19 situation and decrease in the spread might result in maintaining the FPI inflow.

The insurance sector may experience growth with increasing concerns of people after the virus spread in the country.

On the other hand, the oil and gas sector may not observe bull in the market. Hence, experts alert investors about the investment.

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