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Infosys confirms expansion of Pennsylvania Centre

On Thursday, IT major Infosys announced it’s plan to expand Pennsylvania centre as it is set to add 300 local jobs.

This is as a part of its ongoing hiring plans in the US as per reports.

The company specialises in building leading-edge digital capabilities and training the next generation of global talent.

Moreover, it will hire for a range of opportunities across technology and digital services, client administration, and operations.

The goal is to offer new opportunities in terms of employment generation in the region.

The Center will augment technology solutions and services enabling firms to capitalize on the opportunities.

This is in relation to emerging intersection of employee benefits, wealth management, and digital transformation.

However, the focus is on the employee-sponsored retirement plan experience.

Infosys aids financial institutions, stay a step ahead of digital disruption by embracing rapid technology transformation.

Further, the firm serves half of the top 20 retirement service firms in the U.S.

It aims to help them manage risk, improve their participants’ experience, and deliver better outcomes with leverage from digital solutions.

It’s business model is about finding the best workforce, training the best workforce, and deploying the best workforce.

The purpose is to enable the clients to thrive, ensuring the expansion of it’s client base.

Currently, it has nearly 2,50,000 employees globally with a commitment to hire an additional 12,000 American workers in September 2020.

This will make it’s total hiring commitment in the US to 25,000 workers by 2022.

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