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India’s Power Consumption records marginal growth at 0.88 per cent in February

India’s peak power demand remained higher in the first week of February surpassing the record high supply of 176.38 GW for February last year.

It rose 0.88 percent in February at 104.73 billion units due to a slight rise in temperature in the month.

This indicates robust growth in electricity consumption in the country.

The power ministry data recorded power consumption in February 2020 at 103.81 BU.

Moreover, the peak power demand met in this month so far is the highest. This is in comparison with the monthly record power demand met of 176.38 GW for February 2020.

Also, peak power demand had touched an all-time high of 189.64 GW on January 30, 2021. This breached the previous record high of 188.45 GW recorded on 28th January.

The hike in power demand shows revival in economic activities leading to higher commercial and industrial demand.

It was earlier affected due to the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic.

Power consumption witnessed a 4.5 percent year-on-year growth in September and 11.6 percent in October post a six months gap.

In fact, Power demand saw a decline from April as Covid-19 disrupted economic activities.

The pandemic affected power demand for five months in a row, from April to August 2020. However, demand recovered from September onwards as per reports.

Peak power demand grew at 1.7 per cent in September and 3.4 per cent in October.

The growth accelerated at 3.5 per cent in November, 7.3 per cent in December and 11 per cent in January.

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