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Indian Market close at lowest even after breaking records

The Indian Stock Market has been in a continuous highlight since the Sensex topped at 50,000. A lot of buying was seen in the domestic equity market.

However, since the closing bells on last Friday, the same gains converted in losses.

These losses were incurred amid profit booking by the end of the day or closing bells.

On a contrary, if we observe on a day-by-day basis, then, the market closed at a marginally lower rate for the week ended on January 22, 2021.

A lot of volatility was seen in the market on the back of profit-booking right after the BSE Sensex climbed up to 50,000. This was for the very first time in the history that the Indian stock market has outperformed to such level.

Nifty also climbed up to 14,750 hitting a six on the run.

However, if we do a weekly analysis, the Sensex dropped down at 156.13 points or settled at 0.81 percent to close at 48,878.54.

The Nifty closed at 0.42 percent to close at 14.3719 slipping at 61.8 points lower for the last week.

Along with this, the BSE Smallcap index fell down by 1.4 percent and the Midcap Index was down at 0.75 percent. On the contrary, the BSE Largecap index was also down at 0.5 percent.

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