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India to stand in top 20 Performers of the Decade 2010-2020

According to experts, India made in the list of top 20 performers for the decade 2010-2020.

The COVID-19 situation was under control due to many efforts made by the Indian Government evolving new schemes and reforms.

Strong rural-growth, rise in exports, tax relief along with conception in CAPEX cycle together are making a strong recovery.

The Indian equities remained on the top for the whole 2010-2020 decade. Many experts say that India became the third highest market to deliver returns globally.

If we however talk about India’s performance in dollars, it remained at fifth position after US, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Apart from this, the winning of single party government also brought many alternating reforms along with several big-tickets.

Because of India’s long-term growth remaining intact, the Nifty’s long-term growth remained intact as well.  Also, the globally competitive Indian IT and pharma companies are likely at peak of multi-year expansion.

The global cyclical recovery is expected to bring positive news for India.

Various recovery schemes regrading along with production incentives are welcoming variety of investments in various sectors. Several emerging markets also re-emerged in the 2020s.

The public sector is also adding up to this market momentum in infrastructure, public wealth, housing and irrigation etc.

However, according to the experts the geopolitical and political issues may bring risk. Also, there is a possibility of negative impact on the whole economy if the low-interest regime suddenly ends.

There is a strong possibility of fiscal deficit for the FY21 approximately around 6%, which is the highest.

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