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India on the way to become self-reliant, strengthening education policy

The key factor behind any developed superpower or super economy is the talent of its people. It is the ability of a country’s people that drives it up both socially and economically.

Any country can thus prosper easily but only when the fundamental idea is in education. In the wake of this statement, India is also paving its way towards becoming a self-reliant nation.

It is going forward with its vision of becoming a self- reliant $5 trillion economy on the back of youth support.

Therefore, it is visible to see the Indian government to have renewed focus on reviving the education sector.

Government of India has recently passed the new National Education Policy (NEP) which is already working on its goal.

Although, the New Education Policy is considerably a big move but there are many other things to be looked upon.

Education is not only mugging up various books and formulas. Hence, it is also important to look at skill development, infrastructure, blended learning and financing.

There are very high expectations regarding the Union Budget 2021 to focus on all these points as lack of skills result in low-income jobs. This skill gap can only reduce if India will have a good skill based education policy.

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