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India is recovering at increased rate of 97.08% from COVID-19

There is a very good news on the door as the India’s COVID-19 recovery rate has increased improvement rate of 97.08%.

More than 41 lakh beneficiaries have been successfully vaccinated till now. India has completed total 315 days of lockdown since march 2020 to eradicate this global pandemic.

Till the day, India has recorded total 1,07,77,284 confirmed cases of coronavirus out of which 1,54,596 number includes deaths.

However, there is a large number of recovery rate as well. 1,04,62,631 out of the reported cases have already recovered in India so far.

Coming to the current scenario, there are total 1,60,057 active case in the country so far.

Moreover, according to one of the reports released by the Union Health Ministry, these numbers include foreign nationals and patients who have recovered.

Meanwhile, there is a fresh news update on Telangana. The state has recently recorded total 185 new cases which has increased the number to 2.94 lakh.

This number has further increased to 1,604 including two more casualities. The total number of the state stood at 2,94,924 where 2,91,312 have already recovered.

Telangana has reported total 2008 active cases so far with fatality rate of 0.54 percent. It has recorded a higher recovery rate of 98.77 percent above the national recovery rate of 97.08%.

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