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If Biden wins – Which sectors will grow positively?

US elections is one of the most talked-about topics right now.

There is a list of sectors which will be benefited if Joe Biden wins the elections.

Metal stocks:

If Joe Biden wins the election then all the pharma and IT sector will be benefited.

The companies like JSW Steel, Tata Steel, and Welspun Corp will show a very good positive growth.

EV companies

Biden can ease down some rules for the trade with China and battery and the solar sectors will also be positively impacted.

Real estate

If Biden wins then larger stimulus followed by additional means to boost healthcare access and other social welfare programs.

Technology, Pharma and Chemicals

Any loss of China is India’s gain, sectors like these will be positively impacted because the US will take a tough stand against China.

Cement industry

In the Bidens rule, Indonesia and India are likely to gain through easy Fed policy.

Japan and Singapore could benefit more from the USA’s more favourable trade policy.

The main of Biden will be how to improve infrastructure and as a result the cement industry will be in a very good condition and will show positive signs.

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