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Hot Stocks – Which Companies are for Short Term bets?

Only sectors which are back in business and are doing good are pharma, IT, real estate and metals otherwise in remaining sectors there is not much of a profit seen.

After the results of the second quarter, the market capitalization and small capitalization is trying to get better starting again on a positive note.

The results of the second quarter will reflect on each sector individually.

Bank nifty is a little bit up by 20 per cent because of some certain sectors like the financial sector and banking sectors.

Buy calls for the next few weeks:

Indraprastha Gas

In the start, the index witnessed a lower push but with time people can see a major change with very high and strong volumes built.

Mahindra and Mahindra financial services

The sector is in very good condition and it changed from Rs 75 to Rs 150 almost thirty-eight per cent after the rights issue.

Tata consumer products

For a good time like 7-8 weeks the stock price was decreasing miserably and at the end if we see it showed some positive signs and ended on a little bit better condition

There is a hope that like this only the condition and the situation of the stock increases now.

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