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Health Sector to get boosted with new healthcare scheme

The Indian government has announced a new health scheme to improve the existing health care infrastructure.

Union Budget 2021 has given a clear roadmap towards strengthening the economic growth. Finance Minister has highlighted a lot of things in her consideration towards the new sessions.

Education, agriculture, infrastructure among others will play a vital role in bringing up the Indian economy.

However, this time the new budget has come up with six pillars of strengths out of which the health sector has a very strong emphasis.

There was an utmost need for improvement in the health sector in India especially considering the global pandemic COVID-19.

The government of India is very happy to announce the new scheme which will improve the whole healthcare system.

It will not only improve the existing scheme but also will create new structures.

It will play a very important role in enabling the people to access quality treatment. The scheme will also support initiatives like PMJAY apart from other Government Health Insurance Schemes.

On the contrary, the government has also proposed an increased expenditure amount by Rs 5.54 lakh crore by the next fiscal year.

The current capital expenditure is estimated around Rs 4 lakh crore which will be increased further by next FY.

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