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Government on reducing restrictions previously laid on steel

On Sunday, the federal government launched that every one sorts of metal would be permitted for building highways provided these meet high quality parameters.

This is on account of doing away with restrictive circumstances for the purpose of using metal in building highways.

Previously, it was required as per the contract provisions to use metal produced solely by primary/integrated steel producers.

However, the aim is to ensure reduction in cost for highway construction using steel.

Also, it is imperative to re-evaluate the conditions which could be restrictive, without impacting the quality of material used for highway construction

This is as a result of rising steel prices, which can impact the cost of building national highways.

Further, the target is to confirm that the supplier base for steel used in the construction of national highways would be on a rising spree.

Therefore, this would lead to more competition and better price discovery by the markets, the statement said.

The steel proposed to be used would be tested in NABL-accredited laboratories as a third party check before approval.

Infact, the prime objective behind this move is based on the analysis and discussions with stakeholders and also technical opinion.

Moreover, it is also part of the continuous effort by the Minister to reduce costs through use of new technology, reducing restrictions on suppliers.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, all steel would be permitted to be used for National Highway construction, as long as it meets the standards.

This includes steel produced from ore, billets, pellets or melting of scrap.

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