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Government coming up with the plan to reduce FII from Neighboring Countries

Government is again thinking of something to make India better in every aspect which is they are coming up a new plan.

The plan in which 26 per cent foreign direct investment from countries with which it shares a land border, including China.

The government will not examine and study some sectors also.

India had stepped up scrutiny of investments from companies based in neighbouring countries in April.

The Indian government said:

That the investments from a particular country that shares a land border with India will require government approval.

In simple words, it clearly means that they can not go through a so-called automatic route.

The report of the economic time said that there has been a lot of debates and discussions between the top government officials.

The discussions about how to ease the rules or investment from neighbours and we can see a decision as soon as possible.

The commerce and industry ministry did not immediately reply to an email of the same.

There are many tensions between the two countries which is India and China.

The tensions of tens of thousands of troops deployed along the remote Himalayan border.

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