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Gland Pharma gets approval from SEBI for Rs.6,000 crore IPO

Gland pharma a drug maker pharma company can be the first pharma company to make an IPO by an Indian company that will have Chinese advisor.

Gland pharma, which is mostly owned by china shanghai’s fosun pharmaceutical have got the approval from the required people like Sebi to launch an IPO which will be raised up to Rs 6,000 crore.

Now let’s see what IPO actually is:

Ipo [initial public offering] it is basically a mix of shares which will include both primary and secondary shares.

Mostly the IPO will be used for operations which will include India.

There are many IPO’s which are there but is a big thing for all the people related to the company because no pharma company have got the permission except one which was in 2017 which was like 4 years back.

Gland pharma is eagerly waiting to launch an IPO as soon as possible but for all the things to fall in place will take a little time and if all the things will fall in line the company will launch an IPO in November but there is no final conclusion on this one.

The are many people who are involved with the company and situation like khaitan and company is giving advice like what is best for the company to the advisors.

Amarchand is the law firm which is handling the issue and bankers are Kotak, Citi etc.

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