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Fuel prices jumps for the third consecutive day straight

Fuel prices jumped for the third consecutive day straight this week breaking the news headlines on February 11.

The prices once again soared up in all the metro cities of India. Petrol prices in Delhi were increased by Rs 25 paisa. Now the prices of petrol closed at Rs 87.85 per litre in Delhi.

According to the state-owned fuel retailers, previously petrol was available at Rs 87.60 per litre in Delhi, as per Wednesday.

This rally of soaring fuel prices however gained more confidence in Mumbai which currently has the highest fuel prices in whole country.

The prices surged up to Rs 94.36 per litre for petrol and diesel prices have increase to Rs 84.94 per litre in Mumbai.

However, the automobile owners in Chennai rolled out comparatively lesser price than Mumbai. The current petrol price is set at Rs 90.18 per litre and Rs 83.18 per litre for diesel.

Along with this, the petrol prices have reached to a new level at Rs 89.16 per litre in city of joy Kolkata. Also, the diesel prices have increased to Rs 81.61 per litre in Kolkata.

The fuel prices are soaring up as much as they can which is only making a helpless and hopeless situation.

Also, the Petroleum Minister addressed that no proposal is currently available to reduce the prices as of now.

However, the price differences in the states cultivates from local and VAT taxes which are imposed in the states separately.

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