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Fuel prices cross the previous benchmark in Delhi again

Recently, in the January session, the market has seen a steep hike in the fuel prices in Delhi and Mumbai.

However, previous record was said to be the highest bu,t it seems like every time the market will come up with even higher prices.

The retail price of petrol again made a benchmark in the national capital Delhi on January 27 with the OMCs increasing the prices to Rs 86.30. It is a total hike by Rs 50 paisa per litre.

On the other hand, the prices of diesel also peaked up by 25 paise and is now settled at Rs 76.48 per litre.

However, in India’s one of the largest commercial sector Mumbai, the prices of diesel made a record high of Rs 83.30 per litre. The prices of petrol have reached at Rs 92.86 per litre in Mumbai.

Diesel and petrol prices have hiked up by Rs 27 paise and Rs 24 paise respectively in Mumbai city. In Delhi, however, it is an all-time case regarding the diesel prices.

Moreover, it was just on January 6, 2021 that we witnessed such high fuel prices in both the major metro cities.

Although, there were many suppositions of an excise duty reduction. The government is yet to make a final decision on the same.

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