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Flipkart starts off Big Billion Days from today – Get the Best Deals Here

While previous years had markers of cultural extravaganza strewn about the office during the festivals, this year, they are about to wear a worn look due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite everything, Flipkart has started its six day long Big Billion Days from October 16th.

Aimed at uplifting the spirits of its employees, Flipkart came up with 20 minute meditation sessions thrice a week, laughter therapy classes and even muscle relaxation activities for its employees.

Another contingency plan that Flipkart has devised is having backups and defining its critical resources.

In case of a power cut or some other problem at one employee’s house, the executives already know who the second best person to do the job is and will be swiftly told to do the same.

Here, customer experience matters the most.  “Chaos testing” (a process where faults are deliberately inserted to test system failures and any other existing loopholes) was done beforehand to ensure zero roadblocks.

Flipkart also claims to have readied its systems for better inclusion of people from indian villages. Approximately 45-50 million people are expected to be part of this year’s sale.

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